Sixteen-year-old Dove is separated from her brother in a massacre and since then dreams of taking down the Summoner’s army. 

One of the main characters is Dove, a bold and fierce young woman who was lovingly raised by her adoptive parents, now attempting to escape the king’s castle she was working as a maid, on a quest to find her brother.

The Reader & The Chef—Goodreads

Valerya the Fireborne is the first Dragon Summoner in hundreds of years. But instead of the savior everyone has been waiting for, a new reign of terror begins.

Valerya is the General Summoner, known as the She-Jackal. She summoned the red dragon and all fear her for it. You can always sense the dragon’s presence in her chapters, realise she has her own personal struggles with it. She’s a complex character and every chapter spent with her (either in her eyes or the POV of someone with her), I found my opinion changing.

L.L. MacRae—Goodreads

Decker is the first helmsman of the Smuggler, an airship that probably should have retired years ago. He prefers life in the air; the Realmlands are too much for him.

Decker, a trader whose airship is forced to stay grounded during a purge


“Dancer” is a mysterious, chaotic neutral force who happens to be at the wrong place at the right time. Or the right place at the wrong time, however you want to look at it.

Either way, she’s always down for just one more shenanigan.

Bard and Dancer, random personalities & an unlikely humorous pair 

The Reader & The Chef—Goodreads

A dragon and an airship, the Smuggler. One of my first attempts at concept art, and pretty symbolic of important players in the novel.

I felt like I could smell the clouds aboard the airship, taste the dragon-fire smoke in the air, feel the dark, freezing chill in the Ice Realm.