Heavy — J.J. Thorn

Heavy — J.J. Thorn

Heavy was just the quick, fun entertainment I needed. After the first few pages, I thought “Hm, I dunno about this…” (having never read in the genre and not knowing what to expect), but then I ended up finishing it in a couple of days, lol

Heavy was fun and oddly wholesome. I love RPGs and JRPGs especially, and would say I have a high tolerance for in-game worldbuilding and at times fuzzy logic. RPGs are probably one area where I don’t mind a lot of info, since most of it will be used directly afterwards. Basic things, like how to run, jump, pick up objects, and a few other moves.

The book does throw a lot of info at you, but still within the threshold of what I would expect in an RPG. It’s about kids who discover whether they have certain Affinities when they’re 16. Some are standard, like SWORD and SHIELD, but others are kind of random, like CLOTH. But that’s okay, because not everyone wants to do something combat-based and are perfectly content having normal jobs at home.

Heavy is the first litRPG I’ve ever read. There are a lot of tropes, but the book is hella wholesome. I think if it were a video game, the first book would be an extended tutorial for basic moves and worldbuilding.

That said, it might not work for readers who are used to being thrown into action, or having a story focusing solely on a central quest. There are also quite a few info dumps. Just think of it as a wholesome, kid-friendly intro for an RPG, with magic schools, monster hunting, and the power of friendship.

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