Legends & Lattes—Travis Baldree

I am a fan of high-stakes fantasy. To be perfectly transparent, I write high-stakes fantasy, so I never expected Legends & Lattes to fill my cold, black soul with so much warmth. My heart swelled with each page, and I had to put the book down between chapters because I got palpitations, lol. I imagine this is what a bubble bath in book form feels like.

The story is about a former orc warrior who abandons her life of battle and just wants to open a café in a village. The book is advertised as low stakes, but the emotional investment is high lol, like I spent much of the time screaming “DRINK THE COFFEE” at all the NPCs.

I don’t know, just read it. Make yourself a cup of coffee. Snuggle up in a blanket and embrace the warmth that is this book.

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