Reign & Ruin — J.D. Evans

Reign & Ruin is a slow-burn fantasy romance set in a Sultanate inspired by the historical Middle East, with intricate worldbuilding, political intrigue, and elemental mages. It spends time weaving threads between Naime’s and Markam’s worlds before tying everything together. The beginning is slow—not to be confused with boring—but skillfully builds momentum for when things really take off.

I was intrigued with the concept of the Wheel and how its concept of Balance manifested itself in different ways throughout the book. Magic is woven into the narrative, and not only the protagonists have access to it. I like how the magic system is not bogged down by rules; the elements simply flow into the story, which makes it a natural part of the characters’ world.

Reign & Ruin is also quite heavy on the romance, so if you’re up for some lovin’ against the backdrop of political intrigue and scandal, check it out!

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